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NICEWAY CAPITAL is a business development consultancy. Operated by a group of experienced and accomplished professionals, including leading international businessmen, NICEWAY CAPITAL is known for providing complete business solutions that turn innovative, exciting ideas into groundbreaking, profitable investments and developments.

The NICEWAY's Executive team is comprised of motivated, informed individuals with established local partnerships, unmatched regional expertise and local market knowledge dedicated to building the most dynamic and successful business consultancy in the entire world. The firm’s clients count on NICEWAY to ensure the long-term success of their investments by finding the right strategic partners for their projects while recognizing their unique organizational needs.
With decades of combined experience at the highest levels of business and powerful connections, the NICEWAY team helps leading international companies gain access to rapidly developing regional economies throughout the world and has a history of enabling expansion into these lucrative, yet difficult to navigate, markets for top tier multi-national firms in a variety of sectors.


Isidor Subotic – President / CEO (International)

Serving as both President and CEO (International) of NICEWAY, Mr. Isidor Subotic is responsible for implementing the firm’s long-term strategic direction, while overseeing day to day operations and managing international partnerships and client relationships.

Prior to helping establish NICEWAY, Mr. Subotic served as Executive Vice President, Project Development for Ho Tram Project Company, the wholly-owned Vietnamese subsidiary of Asian Coast Development Ltd. (ACDL) Also a founding member of ACDL, the international development firm behind the $4.2 billion Ho Tram Strip tourism development in Southern Viet Nam, Isidor is eminently familiar with the intricacies of establishing and promoting international corporate interests in challenging, yet rewarding business environments.

Based in Viet Nam for the more than eight years, Isidor successfully built and managed strong relationships with suppliers, contractors and relevant departments within the Vietnamese Government.

Huynh Thanh Hai – Finance & Legal Advisor in Vietnam

Mr. Huynh Thanh Hai is CEO of SID (Saigon Investment Dynamic) a leading M&A company located in HCM. With experience in SID and general direct position of VNS securities, he has successfully carried out with major Vietnamese commercial banks, financial & credit organizations. He has been a key member of Vietnam business club for last 20 years.

He graduated HCM university of Law. Also has a MBA from KAZEN-japan & International institute of singapore. From 2015, he joined NICEWAY as law & financial advisor and solved many complicated issue for customer.

Dragan Vlaisavljevic – Renewable Energy Advisor

Mr. Dragan Vlaisavljevic, full of his life as energy master in electrical field. Now he is General director of Electric power company of Serbia, in Belgrade and Member of CIGRE International and have 28 professional publications.

He had professional experience concerning power system operation and electricity energy trading such as dispatching in real time of bulk power transmission and production facilities within the interconnected electric power system of the former Yugoslavia, power wholesale trading for intra day and day ahead for jugel and other 4 projects
Also, from 2002 to 2014, his professional experience concerning different projects such as operation of Energy Regulatory Agency of Serbia and Member of EPS Steering Committee team responsible for co-operation with Boston Consulting Group as Consultant. The overall objective of my engagement in this project is developing investment strategy in the EPS together with the Consultant BCG (2013-2014).