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Project Development Business

NICEWAY has supplied and worked on large-scale projects that have achieved debt-financing from commercial and developmental financial institutions, equity-based large institutional investors and utilities.

This is because our solutions generate excellent economic returns and because we minimize operational risk for our customers

Carbon Trading Platform

Our Global trading platform will allow NICEWAY to easily and securely trade verified, serialized, and registered GHG Offsets Credits and Emission (Carbon) Credits. In addition, NICEWAY will have access to the NICEWAY voluntary emissions market platform to trade voluntary offsets from projects around the world, originated under both the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CERs) and independent voluntary standards (VERs).
Looking to purchase or sell carbon credits in the voluntary or regulatory carbon market? NICEWAY offers an unparalleled trading platform which is robust, transparent and secure.
Whether you are a broker or a business looking to purchase carbon credits for voluntary or compliance purposes, or a project developer looking to sell credits, the NICEWAY trading platform offers numerous benefits.
To seek out and seize corporate trading opportunities wherever business happens, NICEWAY will do best and return to our client best result and We only trade for our partners and do not trade with anyone other than registered broker-dealers.

By investing in the latest technologies and leveraging our experience across market regimes, we bring consistency, profitability and transparency to today’s markets.


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