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Investment & Development Managemant Services

With offices in Hong Kong, USA, Canada, and Vietnam, we are known for providing complete business solutions that turn innovative, exciting ideas into groundbreaking, profitable investments and stable developments.
Leveraging an unrivaled combination of global knowledge and local access, NICEWAY is the market leader in providing complete business solutions and consulting services for corporations and individuals seeking to implement investment projects and develop business opportunities in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Specializing in the manufacturing, construction and investment sectors, NICEWAY has worked tirelessly to establish and maintain trust with clients, in the process earning a reputation as the premiere business development consultancy, by leveraging proven local partnerships to consistently build upon a history of profitable investments and successfully completed projects. 


Investment portfolios will be evaluated and shifted periodically as required to respond to changing market conditions and take advantage of opportunities to maximize risk-adjusted return

Our holdings with well positioned to capture growth through product extensions, new products, and new geographic markets

Our holdings with leading market positions as this enhances pricing power and creates foundation for sustainable profitability

Managing operations in a stable, responsible and ethical way is a prerequisite for long-term attractive profitability and outperforming competition over time

The strong cash flow situation ensures for the liquidity


Total assets under management making DAS Capital one of the largest asset manager


Wide network of business contact including investee companies and invested projects all over the world


Senior management team has investment experience in South America, Asia, Europe, etc.


Year of investment experience in developed countries across multiple asset classes


We invest in companies which are potential but having unhealthy status, support them and then maximize the value for our shareholders at the same time. Moreover, we invest also in high-quality companies with strong market positions, flexible and sustainable business models, high exposure to growth markets, and strong cash flow generation. Given this, we do not refrain from taking actions with a negative short-term impact, as long as we believe that they will increase the intrinsic longer-term value.


We invest in companies, also industries (real estate, energy, construction, etc.) which we understand well, and in which we can utilize our experience and network as well as our financial expertisen. NICEWAY CAPITAL investments take the form of expansion capital, buy-outs of foreign-invested enterprises, and delisting public companies. Private placements into equitizing state-owned enterprises are also considered private equity investments.

With a diverse portfolio of assets in all real estate subsectors, including the top portfolio of hotel, apartment, and resort assets in many country in the world, NICEWAY Capital. provides real estate advisory, development and management services for the property investments.

Planning and Design

Budgeting and Cost Controlling

Stakeholder Engagement and Regulatory Approvals

Risk Management

Construction Monitoring

Reporting and Communication

Project Acceptance and Turnover

Final Project Close Out


Carbon Trading Platform

Our Global trading platform will allow us to easily and securely trade verified, serialized, and registered  GHG Offsets Credits and Emission (Carbon) Credits.  In addition, we have access to the voluntary emissions market platform to trade voluntary offsets from projects around the world, originated under both the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CERs) and independent voluntary standards (VERs).

Whether you are a broker or a business looking to purchase carbon credits for voluntary or compliance purposes, or a project developer looking to sell credits, the NICEWAY CAPITAL trading platform offers numerous benefits.


NICEWAY CAPITAL  seeks to take advantage of the market’s tendency for irrational extrapolation in response to changes in the operating environment, identify great businesses that are not valued as such and build high conviction portfolios with a capital preservation focus.

In long-term, the portfolio is allocated 50% to 100% of assets into listed equities and over-the-counter securities in order to maximize risk-adjusted returns, many of these investments are privately negotiated placements, Hybrid Investment, Join Venture, Custom Made Tailored Investment.

The portfolio assets will generally include stocks and bonds, and may include other assets allowed by regulations which either have a capitalization or net asset value in excess of USD2 million and not more than USD150 million during investment period time..

Depending on market fluctuations as well as macro-economic analysis, the fund’s asset allocation may differ temporarily. The manager will take this action in order to adapt appropriately to market conditions and protect returns, which is based on the following principles: